Date Night

awkward first dateI stared across the table of spicy chicken, rice and corn, “oh sweet Lord”, I thought to myself, I took a big gulp of my sprite…

“Yeah, so I wear my hair long, just pull it back with this band”, he rambled.

That date is still fresh in my mind, his high waisted trousers, tight t-shirt and black patent shoes are still quite vivid. It was one of those dates where you begin off feeling excited, nervous and slightly terrified, and when you eventually meet up you learn why you felt like this.

Okay, so not all of our dates are going to be perfect, we are never going to have a first date with a guy where in he’s wearing everything you approve, I mean, my date had his top firmly tucked in his pants, leaving little to the imagination!

But isn’t that the point in dating?  There is that chance you are never going to have a thing in common, that awkward silence lasting the entire night and you may do something so embarrassing that he will find an excuse to go to the mens and never return. Although, there is the chance that you will have so much to talk about, that he’ll be wearing something more stylish than Gaspard Ulliel and he will admit that his friends say he dances a little like Justin Timberlake, praise the Lord!

A date should not be counted as a failure just because you do not find your Mr. Right straight away, it goes deeper than that. Yes, it helps to count it successful if date number two is on the cards, but is it not just as successful if it boosts your confidence, lets you meet a new person, lets you learn about someone elses life, opinions and beliefs?

It may also help you to learn what you prefer in the opposite sex, what appeals and attracts you the most, and even what you prefer doing on your dates. Not many people are comfortable with meals, or drinking, some prefer staying sober or actively doing something like ice skating, going to an art gallery or watching a film. Each date you go on should not only be remembered for how horrific or romantic it was, but also what you gained from it.

Looking back now, I learnt that I was not very comfortable eating meals with a date. I prefered being able to talk and communicate at will, without a piece of chicken sticking out of my mouth. On my next dates afterwards, I made it an aim to go to carnivals together, go for a quiet drink in the day, just to mix up the options without it being that textbook date meal.

I am sure I still have a lot of dates left, but I guess that’s what makes it more exciting, I never know what to expect.