Daunting Dates

Daunting DatesI have a quandary… I cannot decide which is worse; the traditional blind date or the partially sighted date that is having ‘met’ online and now venturing into the visuals… Both are anxiety inducing, nerve fuelled horrors of situations… For me at least.

I am hardly qualified to discuss this, as I have never been on a real blind date. I just could not consider it. I’m simply not equipped to deal with the fact that they might see me, wretch and walk out. I’m also one of those awkward folk who really only finds her feet – and her voice when she gets to know someone…  In short a blind date is a big no no for a girl like me.

Online meeting offers the chance to get to know each other beforehand, which is surely a bonus, but what if you get to know each other too much – are overly friendly, flirtatious even, dare I say it sordid…. (Text messages late at night are the devil’s work – trust me!) And then you meet… Perhaps there is no chemistry, perhaps one of you is hooked and the other regretting every character of each sent message… There follows an awkward silence that sounds loudly above coffee slurps and nervous fidgeting. Not to mention the gut wrenching embarrassment as you recall how carried away with your keyboard you actually got!

I suppose it is all about personal preference, how gutsy you are and how much faith you have in your friends…

For me I would have to ‘know’ someone to meet them. My nearest and dearest are not nearly so trustworthy to make these decisions for me. I look at their choosings and wonder what they were thinking (as I am sure they do with me) so when it comes to guy selection I would rather do my own dirty work.

So if and when I find myself back on the single shelf it will be online for me all the way. There is something about sitting in your pyjamas, a glass of wine in hand and a hundred men to sift through that kind of appeals… For me it is certainly better than the meat market of a Saturday night or the nakedness of blind dating.

Online – it’s the future…