Do You Know When To Quit?

break-upsWe all know how hard it is to break a habit. Whether it’s giving up smoking, cutting out alcohol or trying to stop biting your nails; quitting something you enjoy doing or see as a comfort can be the hardest thing in the world.


How similar this problem is when it comes to breaking up with a partner, you’re essentially giving up something you love and make vast amounts of time for in your life. Trying to train your mind not to think about the ‘thing’ your quitting goes against every nerve in your body and cravings can make you sick, emotional and pretty much go insane.


People act in strange ways when giving something up. The term bunny boiler has never been more appropriate than to describe a woman trying to get over a man. When you think there are good reasons to still be in a relationship quitting is the last thing you want to do and sneaking around and going to desperate measures to keep your addiction going may be attempted. But like a habit that’s doing you more harm than good, if you try and scrape a relationship back together that’s broken be prepared for adverse reactions.


There are different ways of getting over an addiction, some people ease themselves off gently and others go cold turkey and neither one is the tried and trusted fool proof method. Easing yourself out of a relationship bit by bit, using casual meet ups as smoking patches if you like, give you a quick burst of those feelings you crave while you get your head around eventually quitting the old habits altogether. However, a little bit of what you fancy is sometimes never enough and if the cravings are too strong you could end up back at square one.


Giving up cold turkey is the more tough approach. Don’t call, don’t text, don’t call, delete all trace… surely that should block all those feelings, right? Sometimes, if you’re strong headed enough to accept things are over, you know carrying on will be bad for you, count your losses and move on – if you can do this I truly respect you and please tell me how!


However, you try and break your man-diction there’s no overnight cure for the serious withdrawal symptoms you may face. Coming to terms with the reasons why you need to quit the relationship is the best way to keep your head clear and remind yourself of these to make sure you don’t fall off the wagon. Like all addictions its best to take things day by day as breaking the little habits helps to eventually break the bigger. Sometimes the cravings may be overwhelming but from now on I’m going to try and remember short term irritation is better than dragging something out that will do more damage in the long run.