Don’t Be Afraid To Look A Little Closer

DaydreamerThere’s a line from the straight-talking romantic comedy 500 Days of Summer that, to me, always outshines the rest and has stuck in my mind from the first time I watched it. It’s not when Summer declares that she doesn’t believe in true love, when Tom creates the possibly-cutest-ever greetings card message ‘I love us’ or any of the obvious witty and thought provoking dialogue, it’s a simple piece of advice given by Tom’s wise, younger sister, Rachel: “Look a little closer”.


The offbeat comedy explores the not so pretty side of falling in love and the part fate plays in life, which is why I think my favourite line stands out so much in stark contrast to the rest of the plot as it empowers Tom to take control of his own fate and get out of his not so pretty rut.


“Look a little closer” is the antidote to the old saying “love is blind”. So many of us are guilty of clinging on to a relationship when we know deep down we should let go and focusing on all those good times becomes the prison we torture ourselves in; denial.


Refusing to acknowledge the harder times you both went through is like a defence lawyer not getting chance to argue his case in court, surely we should assess all the evidence before we give our verdict – this means listening to both the head and the heart and hearing facts we’d prefer to ignore.


A friend of mine told me the other day she’s still hung up on her ex-boyfriend out of habit, because she remembers all the fun they used to have and she wants those familiar feelings back. Yes, I quite cheesily quoted ‘the line’, I hoped someone else’s words would shed a fresh perspective on what had become an ongoing issue.


I’m pleased to say her eyes are cured and slowly taking advantage of their new found range of sight, sometimes the simplest action is the most effective…if you just look a little closer.


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