Ex-pensive Break Overs: The real cost of being dumped

Scarlett JohanssonCrying over your meal for one, watching Pretty Woman on repeat, and listening to Leona Lewis’s ‘Bleeding Love’ until your ears may actually bleed; we’ve all been there when it comes to dealing with a break up. However, the emotional cost isn’t the darkest phase that women should fear, as a new study reveals that the fairer sex are spending up to £500 on their image after being dumped.


Let’s just stop and let that figure sink in for a moment, as either I am scraping the barrel in terms of a decent salary or I possess an overwhelming belief that if you are going to change anything about your appearance then it should be for you, and only you.

The study, conducted by Superdrug, found that women were throwing money at every beauty treatment possible; including haircuts, spray tans, new make-up and even gym memberships, in order to regain some of the cargo that fell way side on the self-esteem express.

I am fast approaching 27, and perhaps my views are down to a me finally growing up, but giving yourself a ‘break over’ will never make you feel how it does in the movies; Julia Roberts actually looks like that in real life, and the only reason a woman should be hitting the gym every day is to tone those thighs in order to crush your exes head if he ever fancies some drunken fun after a night on the sauce.

Girl CryingDon’t get me wrong, pampering myself is one of the things I love about being a woman, but also one of the things I detest when it comes to men’s opinions and the ‘making yourself look a-m-a-z-i-n-g in order to show him what he’s missing’ attitude. Honey, if you think going a shade darker and pouring yourself into a bodycon dress is going to make him stop chasing skirt and realise you are awesome, then send him a blow up doll in the post; blowing half a grand on a new look  angers me.

I would rather spend a month slothing around in my trackies, with hair piled on top of my head and last night’s mascara having a slumber party on my eyelashes, while I deal with the inner pain head on, and then spend that £500 on a girly holiday with people who will help me heal, rather than spray tanning on my self-esteem and styling it out in some platform heels.

I believe that inner beauty is reflected on the outside; anyone can pop on some fake lashes and wear a push up bra, but this is not the definition of beauty. Recent pictures of newly single Glee starlet, Lea Michele, show her practically glowing, and rather than showing her ex what he may or may not be missing, she is simply being herself and hopefully embracing the sexy singledom that waits.

Luckily for Lea she has millions in the bank, as the study also found that being single is far more expensive than being in a relationship. I found this hard to believe at first, but the social aspect of being a single lady can have an uh-uh-oh effect on your bank balance.

Many reading this will claim that a break over is the perfect way to build up broken self-confidence after the emergency landing into Dumpsville, and yes, I have changed my hair and dolled myself up to the nines to mend a broken heart, but it did not work.

I believe women feel the need to reinvent themselves, and want to show their ex that they aren’t the same person he dumped. But face facts ladies; do you really think he ended things just because you had B cup boobs, pale skin or short nails?

My advice is treat yourself however you feel fit after a break up, but remember that the emotions underneath cannot be waxed off or toned up.