Facebook Official

Relationships and friendships used to be things that were very personal, you would talk to a friend about a problem, if your relationship was struggling you would work though it together, and it would be between just the two of you, however times have changed, and now we have Facebook.

Today gossip is hard to get, because people are all too happy to share their lives. Facebook has provided people with a platform to share problems, relationship breakdowns, and arguments with their friends (although not all people on your friendship list are friends). Facebook has become a place where we now share our problems, and allow anyone to pass comment on it, for example, a recent update on Facebook read:

“Is Done .. Ur Self Centred N Just Damn Right SELFISH !!!! Start Thinking Of More Than Ur Fucking Druggy Mates !!!!! Look At The Kind Of Person Uve Turned Into !!!!!!” (I take no responsibility for the grammar errors)

Clearly a reference to someone this person is angry with, and a number of people ‘liked’ this status, and passed comment regarding the person they were talking about, and whilst I think there is no wrong in expressing yourself, surely sharing every last detail of yourself is too much, is it not?

Today a relationship is not official until it’s on Facebook, in the same way that you’re not over until your status reads ‘Single’. One of the first things I asked when I left my relationship was when we were going to change our Facebook profiles. This is the extent of which we now rely on Facebook to define our relationships.

There are a number of status’s you can go under:

  • Married
  • Engaged
  • In a Relationship
  • It’s complicated
  • In an open Relationship
  • Single
  • Widowed

Facebook have made it easy for everyone to have a relationship status, there is one for people who are just sleeping together (in an open relationship), there is the situation where you’re having relationship problems (it’s complicated) and of course the rest are self explanatory, but why are we happy to share this information with people?

Today relationships are defined by what our Facebook reads, and by what other people think, when our relationship status changes, people can and will of course make a comment. The can ‘like’ your status and they can even tag your name in a picture.

What are the negatives to Facebook? We no longer have inter-personal relationships with people, we rely on this website to do all our talking for us, when were having problems we share them, when we’re angry we share them, and of course when we’re happy we share them. Happy news is now spread through Facebook, if someone is engaged, pregnant, or just happy we leave it as a status, and before you know it, everyone knows, and is passing comment. We define our popularity by how many friends we have on Facebook, I have 90, and talk to about 10-15 of them regularly, the rest, well it’s just me being nosey, most people have hundreds of friends on Facebook, but the reality is, they’re not friends.

So, remember, your relationship will never be official, unless you make it Facebook Official!


Sean Bromley