Fatal Attraction

Bad boysIt’s a lamb to the wolves, a moth to a light bulb, Pandora to her box. As women we are sometimes attracted to the forbidden, what seems out of reach and the ultimate challenge. It’s the bad boy whose ways you think you can change, the flirt you believe you can tame or the lazy spud you attempt to cure. Always walking down that dangerous path, ignoring the hazard and stay out of reach signs. Yet it seems so alluring, we dream about transforming the most fatal man into the most perfect.

Going around in circles, like on a broken merry-go-round, we forget that not everyone can change or wants to be changed. If a guy is a bad boy he is always going to be that way, and sadly, he is going to be bad to you. If a flirt winked at every girl in the bar and pinched her bum then there is a possibility he is going to continue, even if he is in a relationship or dating and if a guy is lazy then he has to find his inner ambitions, he needs to be able push himself because if he can’t make the effort for himself, he’ll never make an effort for you. These are the things which we learn after coming into contact with the most fatal.

Like a fatal fairground attraction, we get sucked into the fantasy of making the wrong guy right for us. Instead we should go on a path towards a sign that says feel free to enter. Be attracted to a guy who is willing to make an effort and does not have any ‘issues’ like the ex or one who’s trying to find himself. You don’t want unwanted drama, especially when you are first getting to know one another.

So try and stay away from the hazardous guy because he is a very bad chemical reaction indeed.