Forever in Fashion

surrounded by clothes“I’ve just bought a new jacket.”


“Another one?”


You know what it’s like. Friday night. You are frantically searching for an outfit. So you open your wardrobe door and a dozen different things come flying out wanting your attention. This is my universe, it is why time and time again I talk myself out of a relationship. It’s not that I adamantly refuse to have one, its just that I have no room in the wardrobe of my life.


I’ll try  to give you the outlook as a kind of introduction for future articles. I have Craig, my best friend who is practically the entire casual outfit section of my life. He’s always there, literally always. And much like that jumper you no longer wear but will never throw away he’s not going to leave. That’s strike 1 when I first meet someone, I’ve already got a main man in my life. They don’t seem to take that so well.


Then there are the things you can’t live without- the shoes. The soul mate. Sarah, who has moved back to London now that her Uni career has ended. So strike 2 boyfriend, I’m sorry but I already have a soul mate. You move on to the party clothes. You’ve got to love them- Becky and Danielle, the friends I’ve had and will have forever. You laugh, do crazy things and generally overlook anyone else that is around you whilst they are.


Last but not least you have your accessories that can fit in with everything. Work mates, the lads to sit around and watch football with, family, those you catch up with now and again and another one of my friends who lives in London- Alistair. If he were any accessory he would be a hat. In the way that you put a hat on when you’re hair looks awful, it makes you feel better. It’s a friendship kept alive almost completely over the phone, my window into the mind of men. So strike 3 boyfriend, I can’t do anything long distance, I already have shoes and a hat.


If I keep buying jackets and shoes and casual clothes I can always buy a bigger wardrobe, but how do you get a bigger life? So you see, like I tell my mother I really don’t have time for a boyfriend. Though I suppose if he’s really low maintenance, like my new jacket doesn’t mind crowded spaces and isn’t threatened that some items mean more than others sometimes, I’ll find space for him somewhere.