Forget the ex….. Really?

So scientists are at it again, telling us how to live our lives, trying to play god with the world. This time they say we would do well to forget our first love, because the set an un-achievable benchmark for future lovers.


I remember my first love, I remember been stood under a public footbridge (I am the king of romance) and having to convince her that I wouldn’t mess her around. It took me over an hour and by the time I had convinced her it was dark. She finally said yes and very quickly I fell for her. Now let’s set the record straight, I am only 25 and I can’t say I have been in love a great deal of times in fact I have loved three people in my life and one of them is myself. I do however think that forgetting someone that was so important in your life is quite possibly stupid, and impossible.


For a scientist I have to say telling us to forget is a very un-intelligent thing to say, wiping something from your mind is impossible, we will always make comparisons no matter what the situation. I go to different restaurants and compare them, I see girls in the street and I compare (I am sure girls do the same with guys) so to tell us that we are to forget is crazy. You could have had the most amazing relationship, the key is actually separating the new one from the old one. If you are trying to re-create a previous relationship then I would agree it is impossible. If however you want to create something new, then I can’t see the problem with remembering your first love.


Looking back at my first love, I became the person I am today with her, and I found out everything about myself because of her. To suggest I forget them and the feelings involved is crazy, and one that I feel would be un-fair to them. I shared three years with my first love, and I wouldn’t want to forget that. I wouldn’t want those feelings that I had to be forgotten, and I would one day want to have those strong feelings for someone else. Is that impossible? Not if you have let go of your past. If you have been able to move on then loving someone else should be easy.


I just think you need to ask one thing…. Have you moved on?


Sean Bromley


  1. Zara says:

    I really like this :)

  2. Great post! I came to this site like two weeks ago but I couldn’t find it again… it’s in my bookmarks now though :)