Friends with Benefits

Flirting coupleI’ve just returned from the local cinema having viewed the latest attempt from Hollywood at answering the age old question of whether ‘Friends with Benefits’ really works.


I think it goes without saying that anyone who goes to see this film will already have a fair idea of the plot line and the inevitable outcome? My boyfriend was reluctant to come with me stating that the plot line has been exhausted and only the lure of sweet popcorn and Malteasers secured his company. I share his opinion that there was always going to be an element of predictability, but this particular adaptation relies on the A-list cast and high end brand name dropping to start afresh in the romantic comedy genre. If a casual relationship between twenty-somethings is going to make for big screen entertainment, it can only be set in present New York, and the film takes in the whole breath-taking cityscape in spectacular fashion.


With the added bonus of countless scenes featuring a naked Justin Timberlake, (Mila Kunis for the guys), an interesting and varied wardrobe selection for both lead actors and a memorable performance from Woody Harrleson’s character, this movie, despite its predestined outcome has more to offer than the ‘will they, wont they’ suspense. My personal opinion is it’s definitely worth a watch and wouldn’t go amiss amongst similar chick flicks such as Maid in Manhattan and How to Lose A Guy in Ten Days.


The film did make me wonder about the plot in its purest form which is basically friends who dare to cross the line into becoming casual, sexual partners. Whilst I’m pretty sure that the majority of real life couples in this situation haven’t been caught in the middle of flash mobs at Grand Central, laid on the roof of an NY skyscraper and spent the 4th July weekend in LA on a whim, I’ll bet that the turbulent nature of the relationship is the same. I have carried out what you might refer to as market research (although not personally as I am 9 months pregnant and I’m almost certain that none of my male friends would even entertain the thought). The results show that it’s almost as if the casual nature of hooking up is more stressful than forming an exclusive relationship according to my willing survey participants. Ground rules have to be established which are usually followed by a fairly short period of gratuitous carefree sex…………and unfortunately predestined to end in jealousy-fuelled arguments about availability, emotions and constantly trying to guess how the other party feels about the situation.


So, Friends with Benefits….likened to the honeymoon period of any new budding relationship without having to discuss family and what you had for lunch that day. It’s a perfect solution on an occasional lonely night of singledom and an opportunity to burn calories in a wicked way.


But the case for the ever lasting booty call lifestyle is a bit weak amongst my interviewees, apparently the appeal of true love conquers all………………eventually.