Ghosts of Christmas’ past

Ex- boyfriendsConsidering myself a bit of Scrooge when it comes to Christmas anyway I seem to have taken the role to a whole new level this year. Just as the man himself was visited by 3 ghosts of Christmas past present and future so was I, well more precisely men.


Stuck in a single rut for as long as I have been certain powers out there must have decided it was time for some reflection.


My ghost of Christmas past was a sight for sore eyes…and heart. After the game playing of my last near relationship, bumping into my high school crush reminded me what it’s like to fancy someone without all those adult complications.


Maybe all this time I’ve been over-thinking situations with men and I’ve pushed all the fun out of it. Things stayed in the past with my high school ghost but he reminded me that I’m still learning and not to worry so much, life has a way of surprising you.


The next eye opener, in the form of ghost of Christmas present, was a new friend of mine and as ever I was over-thinking the matter. I’m sorry but he seemed too good to be true.


When you’ve experienced so many let downs from men it’s easy to dislike (detest even) the entire sex and simply believe all men are idiots. However meeting one good man can make up for all the others and faith is restored…for now!


Lastly my ghost of Christmas future. I put my new outlook on dating to good use after meeting a gorgeous southern on a night out. Keeping things simple, embracing the fun of Christmas and not giving him a hard time just for being a man had an effect that I’m definitely not used to. Having met up again with Mr Future I’m feeling more confident the new year could bring me some changes in my love life.


Who’d have thought it, all I needed to get a guy was to keep conversation simple for them and massage their ego. I’m glad I still have my cynicism though.


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