Going Grunge

Kurt Cobain - Legendary Artist and King of GrungeAutumn/Winter fashion looks like it’s going to be as grungy as Spring/Summer weather this year. Just as the sun is beginning to show and we’re getting our summer dresses and brights on the streets it seems the catwalks have already moved on with some very determined fashion for Autumn/Winter 11-12.


Last year the colder months were all about the lady-like gothic look but this year black is more laid back as the fashionistas will be sporting tomboy grunge. As soon as Arctic Monkeys’ latest album, Suck it and See, hit our eardrums back in June it was clear a 90’s grunge was on its way. Start the look with a worn tee and flannel shirt, wear with ripped jeans or a black denim skirt with combat boots for ultimate grunge.


Key colours to mix are black, white, grey, forest green, indigo and brown. Keep your look feminine ladies with perfectly dishevelled hair; be creative with plaits or feathers, add dark eye make-up and don’t forget bold accessories; think lots of beads and metal bracelets, skulls, and cross necklaces. White T’s and plaid make a bold grunge statement and you can also add pretty lace or some classic floral prints to create a vintage look.


White ripped jeans are an important modern twist on grunge next season and can be worn from day to night. Why not recycle your summer pair and customize them yourself. There’s plenty of hints and tips online for how to create this look successfully, all you’ll need is a pair of scissors and a cheese grater.


The grunge look is very self-expressive and creative so get your favourite band T-shirts out with iconic jewellery and don’t be afraid to mix prints, just keep them in the same colour palette and you can’t go far wrong.


This look is effortless and almost fool proof ladies, but for more inspiration dig out your old Nirvarna CDs and take a look at the pictures below to see whose already making grunge look hot.





  1. Dawn Wood says:

    Wow this is a great read Claire! I am huge Grunge fan so was intrigued right away hehe…Keep up the good work :)