Good Old Fashioned Gal

Old fashioned datingI’ve got a secret to tell you. Come a little bit closer and I’ll whisper it in your ear.


I’ve kind of… sort of… got a boyfriend.


Yes, that still feels exceptionally weird to say, particularly as it’s been about two years since I’ve even thought about giving someone that label. And to be honest, it’s a label I don’t really like very much. The holding-hands-in-the-playground saccharine qualities that are associated make me feel a bit ikky. Okay, so I have a chap. A man. A fella. Whatever we call him, there is one.


If things continue to go well, we may very well be able to stand as proof that good things can happen when you don’t go looking for them. Yes, strangely, it was through my retelling of heinous stories regarding my internet dating finds that my chap and I got to bond. I’ve known him for quite a while and we were friends before we eventually got together.


The turning point? Well it’s not as romantic as one might hope. It involved the receiving of some intoxicated texts at an ungodly hour along the lines of, ‘Can I be incredibly forward? You’re amazing. Why are we not seeing each other?’ I won’t reveal which of us sent them. (It was definitely him.) Well, while it may not have been of Mills and Boon quality, it certainly did the job.


But it did get me thinking. Has modern-day courtship really changed that much? We’ve all heard the stories of how our parents got together, and our grandparents before that. Is it just my imagination, or has the level of enchantment diluted a little with each generation that passes? An example. My grandparents were childhood sweethearts and defied the odds by getting married despite being posted in separate far-flung places during the war. My parents met when my dad came to help my grandad who had been hired to paint my mum’s flat. And our generation? We’ll have to tell our kids that we met when we stumbled out of a nightclub or clicked on each other’s profiles. It’s hardly Mr. Darcy style swoon-worthy is it.


It’s amazing to think how different things must have been in our grandparents’ time. Just imagine having to be chaperoned to places or having to seek parental consent before being allowed to date. Okay, maybe they’re best left behind. But what about the other traditions that have seemed to have become extinct? Being asked to dance, for instance. I think I can honestly say that I have never been asked to dance. Admittedly, if I was I would be utterly terrified of the potential ruin it may have on my social reputation, but it would still be nice to be asked.


Then there’s the notions of courting. Love letters and tokens. Kissing a lady’s hand, helping her put on her coat, gentle wooing. All of these things are very few and far between. It seems quite sad that these have been a little lost in our brash, high-speed world… or do they just not have a place in our society any more? It’s an interesting thought, and maybe if we feel so inclined, we should try and revive the more traditional forms of charm… the good ole’ fashioned way.


Until we get round to that though, I just need to finish my text to my man. Don’t worry, I’ll put two kisses and a winky face at the end of it; so he knows how I feel. Well, it is quicker than a love letter really, isn’t it.



  1. Sass says:

    Congratulations! Hope it goes really well for you. You can find a relationship in the strangest of places – I found mine in a cave……..

  2. LoveSceneMag says:

    Woop woop! Can’t wait to hear more. Really agree with your comments regarding old fashioned courtship.

  3. Soni says:

    To begin with several of my fnreids went out at exactly 13 and 17 and even 13 and 22 once. I know exactly how you feel I was concerned myself, but this is not a good situation. First of all online dating is not real. You can’t REALLY love someone online because they can be lying! This guy is probably not even 17. He could be anywhere between 10 and 55 for all she knows. I would tell her to gain some courage and find a guy in real life, because we all know that anyone is capable of that, and forget about whoever she is going out with In fact I once had a friend who was so attached to a 17year old guy she wanted to commit suicide, and she almost did! SHE WAS ONLY 13!!! I don’t want that to happen to this girl so please try to convince her to get out and find a real guy.