He Has Got A Big…Ego!

egotistical manA guy that owns tighter jeans than me, whose hair is longer, who stays in the bathroom longer and takes ages to get ready. These are things I can deal with, each to their own and whatever makes a person happy. What I cannot tolerate is a guy whose ego is bigger than a double-decker bus!


Pass me the sick bucket, pigeons peck my eyes out, someone end it now, I beg! Men who think and actually believe that they are better than their partner, who have it imprinted on their brains that women should be grateful to have them. These men’s egos have mutated into something that would be too big of a job even for the Ghostbusters! The only thing that will stop them is…us!


In a relationship it should be about being equal, you should not feel less than your partner and more importantly, he should not make you feel less. Some men, not all, take advantage of their partner’s vulnerability, making them feel small and inadequate. They may flirt with other women in view of your own eyes, make small digs at you and sometimes say, “you sound like my ex”. For some bizarre reason these type of men believe that everything is wrong with you, nothing is wrong with themselves.


You need to take a stand, believe in yourself and not be afraid to think that you deserve better! A relationship should not be overrun with his ego, but it should be a balance of you and him. If he is silly enough to flirt with other women, walk away, if he puts you down, walk away, if he loves his own mirror reflection more than you…walk away. It is not worth the hassle or lack of respect for the sack of saying, “I have a boyfriend”. If he is like this already to you then he will never change, if he respected you at all these problems would never occur.


The Man Ego feeds off the attention of other women and you, he will feel like the man when cheered on by his friends and will not feel guilty if he makes you upset. It is possibly contagious and while there is no known cure, women everywhere are advised to stay clear of the Man Ego!