He’s a Kirk!

Your boyfriend and your friendsYour new boyfriend is amazing! He treats you like a princess, buys you anything you want and is so romantic. That aside, he and your best friend cannot stand one another, they detest one another as a matter of fact!


So what happens now? Surely if they both care for you then they will make an effort to get along, but what if it is your new boyfriend that seems to be causing more of the agro?


Watching Kirk from The Only Way Is Essex throw a line of insults at his girlfriends best friend nearly made me sick. Not only did I personally find it rude but also disrespectful. I would like to think that if anyone, let alone my boyfriend, was rude to my friend I would stand up to them.


Relationships are just solely about two people and more importantly between two, yet if your partner disrespected your friend then surely it would mean they lack respect for you. When you meet a new person, not only are they accepting you but in a way your friends and lastly your family, getting along just makes the relationship easier.


Not everyone will get along with your partner, and yes it only matters that you like them as it is only you who is in a relationship with them. Showing respect to your friend means that there are fewer headaches in the long run. Kirk really did not do himself any favours by lashing out at his girlfriend’s friend, and in the long run it makes choosing a friend over him the obvious choice.


It is also friends who give the low down on a new guy and decide whether they are good enough for their beloved friend. So to any guys reading try not to lash out at your girlfriend’s friend and instead just try to get along, for your sake!