He’s Just Not That Into Me….Is He?

male jealousyI may act like I know everything, but I don’t. Thinking I am right every second of every day though may possibly be my biggest flaw. One that may have finally caught me in the proverbial spiders web of trouble I now seem to be a tenant of. Ever hear the phrase always listen to your mother? Apparently there is something to it.


I went to a party last week. It was for one of my work colleagues who recently left. I say party, I don’t know if you can call sitting in a pub getting told to be quiet as Friday night is Bingo night, (I kid you not). This party happened to coincide with my mate Alistair coming to visit from London, so naturally I invited him to come along.


For the sake of the other boy in question we’ll call him Jack. Jack is a work mate of mine, bumped into him a couple of times in town, had a drink blah blah blah. Only when I tell my mum I’ve invited Alistair to the party the words ‘What about Jack?’ come falling out of her mouth. What about Jack? ‘Oh he’s got a thing for you’ she tells me. I put this down to a mother being a mother, she thinks any male I know between the age of twenty one and death could possibly have a thing for me. So I shake this off. Alistair comes to the party and all I can see is Jack trying to work out if he can kill someone with a look. I brush that off too, not everybody gets along.


I leave the table for half an hour with Alistair to go and talk to my mum and her mate she is sat with, both of whom I also work with. When I return to get my drink Jack, now rather intoxicated himself says ‘What a waste of time it was me coming tonight. Talk about playing the third wheel’. After actually explaining myself and telling him the mate I brought was actually, low and behold a mate (someone get Mensa on the phone), I began to wonder how the hell I had ended up as the bad guy in this situation.


A few people were not happy with me, my mother included. It seemed to them that I had brought about this situation on purpose to hurt good, old Jack. How on earth was I supposed to know? I may have a talent for knowing when one person likes another, but this gift seems to spectacularly backfire when I come into play. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never actually thought of him in that way. But, if he had plucked up the courage to say something I would have gone out with him on the basis that we’re friends, at least I could have given it a shot. Not now though, I think I’ve learnt the lesson that lads can be just as crazy and bitchy as us girls are. That is something my special talent never could have told me.