He’s Just Not That Into You – 10 Ways To Tell

bored dating coupleIt’s a major question on every girls lips at the start of a new relationship (well maybe not even a relationship yet, hopefully just a date!) What is he thinking? Does he like spending time with me? Is this official? Does he LIKE me?? And much like us girls, guys aren’t exactly easy to read now are they? It’s easy to tell if your an outsider looking in on the situation, but if it’s happening to YOU how do you tell?


You obviously don’t want to be wasting your time, as let’s face it, who likes having their time wasted? So why not be prepared and be able to read the situation correctly and ‘decode’ what he’s really thinking or saying in order to avoid any upset or frustration.


So take note ladies, here’s the top 10 ways to tell if he’s really just not that into you…


Number One: He leans his body away from you either when he’s standing or sitting.

Probably the biggest give away unless he has personal space issues!


Number Two: He fidgets. Whether it’s rocking back and forth, shaking his feet or tapping his fingers.

This is a clear sign he’s not enjoying himself and would probably rather be elsewhere.


Number Three: He backs off when you attempt to move closer to him.

Again another self-explanatory sign.


Number Four: He crosses his arms.

Now this is another big sign not just in dating but in general, if someone’s crossing or folding their arms they are showing that they aren’t really interested in socialising – it’s a defence mechanism!


Number Five: His feet point in the opposite direction to yours.

Now this doesn’t mean he has wierd pointing toes, no, this means he’s choosing to put his feet in the opposite direction, again another clear sign he doesn’t want to be too close.


Number Six: He keeps his palms down when he speaks to you and gestures toward himself, not you.

A sign that he’s not expressing any feelings towards you.


Number Seven: His muscles seem tense, he’s not relaxed.

I think we got this one covered!


Number Eight: He keeps breaking eye contact with you to look at something or SOMEONE else!

This is a tricky one as many people when nervous find eye contact hard, but if he’s clearly looking at somone or something else most of the time your talking to him, chances are he’s more interested in what’s going on over your shoulder – get out now!


Number Nine: He doesn’t look at you straight on – instead it’s from the side.

Similar to number eight, he clearly isn’t interested in what you have to say and this shows a great lack of respect.


Number Ten: And finally, he doesn’t laugh or smile, if he smiles it’s tight-lipped.

If he’s afraid to laugh or even crack a smile then he obviously is afraid to give the wrong signals, so your job is to read these signals and know when to call time!


It’s not nice when a guy isn’t that interested in you, it doesn’t exactly boost your confidence, right? But think of it this way, instead of wasting your time with Mr. Not Worth It, you’ll instead be spending your time with Mr. Worth It, so long as you follow the 10 signs above your on the right path! Good luck and happy dating!