High Street Changing Rooms: Miss Selfridge

It was Friday the 15th October 2010, and whilst out and about on the streets of the big city I ventured into Miss Selfridge.  This particular branch is oddly small for its location, and as such, it’s not particularly representative of what Miss Selfridge has to offer.  This one item, however, stood out to me.  It’s the maxi alternative to the knitted dress featured in one of LoveScene Magazine’s other articles (see ‘Cute, Sexy and Sophisticated – Knitted Dresses This Season’).

The item was cosy and comfortable, even when crouching down.  This would make a great seasonal comfort dress.  It’s slimming without being figure hugging all over.  There’s a firm fitting around the curves of your chest, upper back and arms.  Below the breasts the dress does extend outwards with the extra material sown in breast-down.  The result, a slim and curvacious look.  You don’t need to hold your tummy in, or worry about getting bloated after eating.  I am approximately 5’4″ and this dress was tested in a size 8.  As you can see, it extends to my ankles.  Some warm winter boots in natural, nude or camel would complete the look.

Enjoy the pics, they should give you a better insight into this pretty black maxi dress, you can buy it immediately by clicking the link below, and I’ll be back next week with a secret changing room photo shoot from another unsuspecting high street fashion store…

Click images to enlarge: