High Street Changing Rooms: Republic

Republic.  The place of current high street fashion at good prices.  Annoyingly when I walked into the changing rooms I was taken by the sales assistant to the first of many, right by the entrance.  With a dirty mirror, curtains that didn’t seem quite so secure and with a four inch gap at the bottom I felt quite nervous about being caught snapping pictures of myself.  How vain and weird that would have seemed to an onlooker!

Anyhow, once the clothes were on I was certainly sold on the black Crafted playsuit which I had teamed with a blue Crafted jacket, black Miso leggings and black Miso pumps, all from in-store.

The Miso pumps were really the only shoes I could find to complete the outfit at the time although heeled shoes or boots would be ideal for this outfit.  That said, the shoes were really cute , made from velvet, with bow detail on the front and definitely worth buying.

The Miso leggings were comfortable and cute and would definitely create a more winter worthy outfit.  Thick black tights would have achieved the same but they would also make the outfit that little bit dressier.

The Crafted jacket was a little bit of a let down.  It did not seem to have the ability to keep its shape as it flopped about, for which reason, I wouldn’t buy it.  This shade of washed out blue also did not compliment my skin colour great so would be best suited to very fair coloured skin.

The Crafted Zip Playsuit itself was wonderfully cute and funky.  It comes in a slightly washed out black and consists of four pockets, two on the chest and two on the thighs.  The gold zip fastening up the centre at the front adds some edginess as does the army type detail on the shoulders.  The belt tied as a bow completes the look, softening the entire outfit into something edgy but sexy.  Do beware though, the neckline is cut deceptively low.  Therefore, you may like to add a vest underneath to cover your breasts.  A lace vest would add glamour to the jumpsuit and it really is a wardrobe item that can be dressed up or down, funky, cute or sexy, depending on the occasion.

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