High Street Changing Rooms: Zara

After a quick look in the smart and somewhat mature section of  the high street store Zara I swiftly headed for the downward escalator.  As I was already wearing trousers I’d bought from Zara about two weeks prior to my visit, I searched for a variety of tops to demonstrate the versatility of these bottoms.

Having only worn these trousers once previously I had not really bothered to purchase additional tops that would compliment them.  In my mind, however, I knew what types of ensemble I was after.  I had 30 minutes to conduct the practical portion of my report for our readers and this is what I found…

Click images to enlarge:

Conclusion… I love these trousers!

I love how comfortable they are with the lycra they’re woven with.  I love how they go beautifully with the nude/pink brogues (“model’s” own).  They may be tapered and, therefore, a bit bulky around the hips but it doesn’t matter because with the right top and shoes they just look funky.  These trousers along with the brogues really allow one to express the tomboy within.

The vintage t-shirt with the nostalgic print of iconic food packaging is a winner.  It’s capped sleeves and slim fit give a slender silhouette and a playful look.  The vibrant colours also brighten up the outfit.

The other t-shirt I grabbed during this supermarket-sweep type secret mission was this black Disney t-shirt with pink stripes.  The black, pink and white clashes perfectly well with the khaki trousers and brown leather braces whilst the pink stripes and cute print reduce the masculinity of the hanging braces.  The two t-shirts in the photos are somewhat long but due to their figure hugging fit they can easily be turned under as I have done in the last picture.

Now I love the sophistication that this jumper and trousers-with-braces combo brings.  The knitted jumper works great for the cold British winter and smartens the outfit.  The beige colour taps into the Autum/Winter 2010-11 trend of neutral minimalism, but whilst the brogues and braces give an edgy androgynous twist the slim fit of the jumper keeps the sex appeal alive by highlighting the feminine curves.