Hot Hair Trend: Dip-Dye

As women, we are well known for constantly changing our hair, whether it’s cutting, curling or dyeing, it seems we are never entirely happy with what we have. The only thing that stands in our way is, you guessed it, money. So what happens if you’re a celebrity or Hollywood A-lister with a multi-million pound bank account?


A different hair style every week that’s what!


Usually, the styles we see celebs sporting are just too expensive or too much hassle for us to even attempt, but the latest trend to emerge I’m pleased to announce is neither of these… enter dip-dye!


Thanks to Dakota Fanning, dip-dye hairstyles are on the hot hair list right now, an inexpensive, simple but statement style that girls around the world are going crazy for and you can get the look right in your very own bathroom!


That’s right, just purchase a dye you like from any local retailer and dip those locks and if you get bored, move on to the next colour!


Such a great trend that you’ll have lots of fun with, here’s some inspiration from some of Hollywood’s finest (click images to enlarge)




Images courtesy of:;;;;;; Brian Rasic / Rex Features (1373245al).