How To Help Your Man Have A Happy Birthday

man opening giftIt’s your partner’s birthday, and you don’t know what gift to get for him. What do you do?


It’s hard because, although you are desperate to impress, there are times when only a quick glance acknowledges a precious gift. Alternatively, you don’t want to put in too little effort, in case of offending your partner.


Add to that the different styles, ages and unusual yet acceptable habits that affect the way men think, and you’re left in something of a quandary.


Nevertheless, here’s a list of possible gifts that would please your man on his birthday:


A romantic holiday.

It’s a great way to show your affection, it means a break for him (and you), and the chances are that your chosen destination is likely to provide plenty of sunshine and rest.


A new gadget.

A lot of men are only as good as their gadgets, at least in their minds, whether it be the latest phone, iPod, camera or whatever else has launched. Buying him the one he’s talked about getting for months will make him the coolest cat in town. At least in his mind.


A photo frame.

It’s simple, but effective, and makes him, you and your relationship seem special.


A joke present.

What a lot of men like is just having a laugh, so getting him a novelty gift, (e.g. exercise the funny bone), will bring a feel-good factor to the occasion.



Be careful with clothes, because obviously the size factor comes into it, and you don’t want him to think that the design is totally unsuitable for him. But if you know his style, it should be very much appreciated to buy him some new duds.


But be warned! Not every gift is, well, a gift. Here are some items to avoid:


Enhancement products.

Some say it’s the thought that counts, but in this case some thoughts are best kept to oneself. Buying presents of this nature is a way of trying to politely point out one’s faults, without insulting them. The only problem is, he’s still insulted and, even worse, now feels weaker. Avoid.


Hair products.

Granted, it’s unlikely that you actually would buy this, and this would only really apply to older men. But some people do choose to give their partner a present which a) points out hair loss; b) points out to them that you’ve noticed; and c) makes them feel even older than they already are.



We all appreciate cash in hand, but receiving money as a present is like a public admission of being too lazy to buy anything. Even with the “I couldn’t think of what to get you” excuse.


Gift vouchers.

See above. Even worse than above, actually, because it means you can only use it at one store.


Anything with the word “gardening” associated with it.

Unless your partner has a keen interest in the subject, it could be taken by him as a sign of old age fast approaching.


So, perhaps you’ve had new ideas, or maybe you already know what to get, but at least now you’ve got a better idea of what he may like – and, just as importantly, what he wouldn’t.


Mark Armstrong