Hurt me any day!


Thinking back to when I was a kid relationships were easy, if you liked a girl you asked her to go out with you and if it wasn’t working you got your mate to dump her yet for some reason as you get older having a relationship becomes far more complex and if you get your mate to dump a girl then it’s likely your going to find your groin has a knee in it, but why is it relationships can’t just be simple anymore?

When you reach the age of 16 things change, if we had portals I think on our birthdays we would have to walk through them and move to the other side. On that side would be a life of complexities and hard times. Don’t get me wrong there can be good times, like having a child (although now days it happens before 16 but that’s a whole other issue) or getting married.

I remember my first relationship post 16 that was serious, it was full of pipe dreams and ideas, things that would never be real, but still I loved it more than anything. I thought it was brilliant. I would have a nice house I would have kids and I would have loads of money because I would work my backside off and that whole dream lasted three years and then came the complex part…. Splitting up. Now when your under 16 and a girl dumps you, you get your mates to spread a rumour but after 16 you have to admit that you’re a little bit hurt. The complex part comes in allowing it to be the end. As I said before you were 16 you can pretend you don’t care, you have your mate you have football and you have other girls. Now you are not quite ready to say this is the end. You made all these pipe dreams together. After 16 you start to feel these pains that you didn’t know existed a longing sensation and a loss of something. There feelings that your not used to and feelings that you wish you didn’t need. What I would like to say however is that I wouldn’t go backwards and change any of these feelings.

Being 15 is all well and good but you don’t get to feel the same emotions that you do now. You don’t get to have all the excitement you get when you first meet a girl. You don’t get that love that you feel when you get to 16, OK you probably have a love, but I would argue there meant in a different context. Relationships are fun and when you get to a certain age they become more adult and you can really feel a love.

So after 9 years of adult relationships I have to say that I am happier now than I was when it meant nothing. Yes there has been hurt, and yes I have broke my heart but I wouldn’t change a single day of it….. Give me hurt any day!!!


Sean Bromley