I Feel Pretty, So Unpretty

Nicole ScherzingerNicole Scherzinger is one of the most desirable women in the world, but her new track ‘Pretty’ homes in on an issue which is close to every girls heart; wishing that a man will find you attractive, and feeling nothing less than ugly when it turns out that’s all he ever saw you as. Being attractive to the opposite sex is a lovely feeling, but making sure you feel good about yourself is a much higher priority.


As a woman I have the privilege of reliving the days of dressing my Barbie doll, only this time on myself. With this comes the pressure of looking nothing less than fabulous near enough all of the time, but throwing in the idea of ‘what a man would find attractive’ is definitely a recipe for disaster. Women are bitchy against each other in terms of appearance, but that is merely a walk in the park compared to the X Factor-esque judging process we subject ourselves to when preening ourselves for Mr Right Now.


Nicole sings ‘My nails were done, I had my hair on point, my body talking the way you like it boy, yes I played the part, then you broke my heart, as if I mean nothing to you, can’t believe how you make me feel pretty…’


As women we are exposed to limitless lotions, potions and under garments to nip and tuck us in all the right places, but the idea that all of these luxuries are purely for putting on a pretty show in aid of males is very wrong. But unfortunately it is part of being a woman, and I can remember countless times of changing my outfit 5 times like a presenter at the Oscars, all with the thought ‘he will like me in this.’


Every woman wants to feel attractive to the opposite sex, but as women we tend to get caught up in the FHM, Nuts and Zoo ideal of being female; fake tan, fake boobs and full on glamour, when most men will admit that seeing girls go au natural is a much bigger turn on.


Nicole also sings about how the break up made her feel: ‘Pretty upset, pretty broke down, pretty messed up, pretty much done; I don’t wanna be pretty no more.’  After a relationship you question every aspect of what happened and why, and it’s horrible how the person who once made you feel as gorgeous as Ms Scherzinger now leaves you like someone has just burnt your make up bag in front of your very eyes.


Having the self-esteem and confidence to love yourself no matter what is hard work, and takes many years, tears and experience; those tears shouldn’t be falling for a guy who only sees you as a pretty young thing and disregards the other amazing elements of being a woman.


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