‘I love You’……’ARRGGGHHHH!’

I Love YouWhat are you supposed to do when someone tells you they love you? No really, I’m asking. Wait a second though, what are you supposed to do when someone tells you they love you and you barely even know them? Exactly.


I go out a lot, I’m a student, it’s expected of you. I mainly go to the same places so it stands to reason that my friends and I get used to seeing the same bar staff every week. There’s one particular bar man that took a heightened interest in me a while ago. He’s sweet, genuinely nice and friendly and great to all my friends. So what the hell am I complaining about? He’s odd. I don’t mean odd in the cute sense of the word, I mean just plain weird.


I gave him my number one night when I had perhaps had a little too much to drink. So you think I’m leading him on? I gave him my number 18 months ago, I have replied to a text twice. Then this past Sunday night he decides to blurt out ‘I love you’ in a text message. He is the sober bar man and I am the rather drunk customer, surely it should be the other way around? I don’t know anything about him, apart from his name and the football team he supports (Everton, strike 1). How can he possibly think it is okay to just come out with something like that? It doesn’t help that as I’ve stated, he is far too nice to directly brush off.


I’ve only had one other confession of love before, and that was my ex boyfriend who I had been going out with for six months, and even then my retort was nervous laughter and the words ‘No you don’t’. Maybe I should tell the bar man that, it might put him off me a little. No-one loves a crazy person.



  1. Hannah says:

    Good heavens! I hope he doesn’t know where you live! This sounds very creepy to me and id advise going somewhere else for your drinks from now on…On the other hand, Im sure your a babe so you may have to deal with having this affect on men! x

  2. Emma says:

    Haha you’re a doll. It is slightly creepy, but he’s far too nice to be a threat. All my friends think its hysterical. X