If you love someone enough, you will set them free

Letting go of someone is often the hardest thing in the world to do, letting go is like grieving, grieving for a relationship, butsometimes, to make the person we love truly happy, we have to let them go, even if it hurts.

We see the signs, arguments become frequent, we don’t want to spend as much time with them, and of course, we look at other relationships and wish ours were like that.  They’re the signs that this relationship is having problems. The worst feeling is to admit it, but it’s even worse if the other half says they want to end it. That choice is not an easy one,  although one person has chosen to end it, it doesn’t mean that makes them happy right now, it means they want to be happy one day, and they can’t see that coming in this relationship. That’s when things become tricky, because we all do the same, we look to try and make this work, at whatever cost, even our own happiness.

In the quest to try and save a relationship, we’re willing to sacrifice our own happiness, and that is something we should never do. We try everything for someone, flowers delivered, hand written letters, even sending them texts and emails telling them how much you care, but somehow, it’s still not enough, and there is no way out. The feelings are always the same, we feel a pain, and a hurt like never before, and the thought of this person moving on without you is horrible. We lie awake at night wondering what they’re doing, we stalk their facebook, we even hope to see them on a night out, meaning we spend money on new clothes, a haircut, and all sorts of other deodorants, and aftershaves, hoping that somehow we can get this person to notice us. Well, it’s worth remembering when you’re in this situation, they will always notice you, they spent a long time with you, and feelings don’t just disappear overnight. When we see the person in question our heart skips a beat, we just want to be close to them. Were aware of every conversation they have, because we can’t stop watching them, and we are always asking the same question. Do they still love me?

Asking whether someone loves you is normal, we all want to be loved, and we hate to think that when someone splits from you that they no longer love you. Loving someone is something that doesn’t go away overnight, and I am sure that in some way there will always be a love, but what we should really ask is how much we love them. Do we love them enough to stop the fight, and to let them go, do we love them enough to say that there happiness comes first, and do we love them enough to be strong, and tell them all you want is for them to be happy. If we do, then now is the time to let them go, because however much it’s hurting you, it’s hurting them as well.

Letting someone go isn’t easy, but you should never forget that saying:

‘If you love someone enough, you will set them free’

When you have let them go, all you can do is know you tried your best, and on this occasion, your best wasn’t enough, but that’s not always going to be the case, because one day, your best will be just what somebody wants.


Sean Bromley


  1. Peaceful says:

    cry me a river

  2. PUA DVD's says:

    You’re right on target.