Is love at first sight real?

Picture this, you see someone in the street, you think they are the most attractive person, their eyes catch yours, you have a moment of starring at one another, you look at this person so intently and that moment you just shared feels like it was hours, this is what some people call love at first sight, and what I refer to as utter rubbish.





People often say they believe in love at first sight, but really we need to question what love is because if catching a person’s gaze, and looking longingly into their eyes is love, well I have had more loves than I first thought. Loving someone is a process that doesn’t just happen in that one moment, that spark is an attraction, it’s a want, I would even say a desire, but can we really say love?


If I went online to find a definition of love, well I would fill an article with the amount I could find, but surely if you have ever loved someone, ever had that urge to never let them go… Then you know it can’t happen in a single moment. That single moment should be the impetus to try and find something more, it should spurn you on, not make you declare love. As far as I am aware if you see someone and declare love at first sight, there is a chance they might run as fast as they can.


When I get into relationships I like to know the person I am falling in love with, their likes, dislikes, pet hates, phobias, family, and any other information that is pointless, yet important all at the same time. These people that we want to fall in love with are people we hope to share a lot of our lives with, and if that is to happen, then surely love at first sight can’t be true?


Whilst I acknowledge that people can have a strong attraction, a moment between them, I don’t buy that anyone can fall in love just by looking at someone, or talking to them once. That surely means we live in a world where the personal attraction is more important than the person inside. Whilst I believe we will always be attracted to the person we fall in love with, it may not always be the case that they stand out in the crowd. Actually you might have a chance meeting, and find that this persons personality is just as beautiful as them, but that doesn’t happen in the one meeting. My opinion tells me that people build love, because with that emotion come a number of other things, trust, safety, honesty, and a number of other things. All things you can’t get just by looking at someone and saying your now in love. Surely if we lived in a world where that was possible… well…. I would have been in love millions of times.


So in answer to my question…. Is love at first sight real? I don’t think so, but feel free to disagree.

Sean Bromley