Is The Secret To Great Sex, Great Friendship?

Friends and moreSo recently a girlfriend and I were having a discussion about what happens when people cross the relationship boundary with someone who’s always been “just a friend”. It seems there are mixed reviews and ideas about this dating strategy so I enlisted the help of some of my best and closest gal pals to enlighten me on what I was, or wasn’t, missing out on.


A close friend of mine revealed that, although she hadn’t started a relationship with a friend of hers, she had started sleeping with one of her male pals! Think that’s shocking? Hold onto your seat because it’s about to get worse: he is allegedly providing her with the best sex of her life! Is this where I’ve been going wrong? Should I have been trying it on with my friends rather than trying it on with strangers who I deem to be potential boyfriends?


It’s a risky business sleeping with friends, but it seems to be one that more and more people are investing in. When I probed my friend for further information about her suddenly blossoming sex life, she was more than willing to divulge all the dirty details – and I mean all the dirty details! After we’d traded information – she told me all about her sex life, I told her I still don’t have one – we got to talking about why it’s happening. The theory that we devised between us is this: because they’ve known each other for such a long time, they’ve become comfortable enough around each other to do this kind of thing and not have it be an issue. Could that be true? Is it possible that the secret to great sex is great friendship?


It might be a stretch of the imagination, but I think it might make sense! I have male friends that I’ve known for years and I’m totally comfortable around them; they’ve seen me get changed, meaning they‘ve seen at least some of my under-clothes goods! They’ve seen me get drunk, they’ve seen me cry, they’ve comforted me and advised me when my latest relationship has crashed down around me; in fact, there aren’t many things that my closest male friends haven’t been a part of! Now when you look at it from that perspective, it makes a little more sense, don’t you think? If he’s already seen the worst bits, then what harm is there in showing him the rest! Now I’m not one for casual sex, so don’t think that I’m promoting it (although, if you’re not opposed to a casual fling, you might as well get flung by someone you already know and trust!), but could this open the door to something more than great and comfortable sex? If the lads in our lives can provide us with good sex, what else can they do? They’re like an untapped resource that no one thought to look into, until now…


Okay, there are drawbacks to these kind of antics and they can sometimes end terribly, as I‘m sure some of you reading this already know from experience! The secret to that seems to be making sure that you’re both going into it with your eyes wide open. If you know what you’re signing up for then you can hopefully avoid the complication of anyone breaking the deal of your contract, AND get some fun times out of it… sounds like the perfect business deal to me.


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