Just another “failed” romance!!!

I hate the phrase ‘failed romance.’ It’s so very negative and immediately makes me think of the dreaded below par results at school.

Nowadays I’m not sure it is possible to fail academically, but when it comes to love and romance we’re doing it more than ever.

Or are we?

Do some relationships not just run their course? However long or short it might have been. Can they not be positive experiences and encounters? Passes in the true sense of the word – just not forever. Can we not look back upon them happily, without the negative terminology attached? Recollecting our enjoyment and pleasure, considering how they shaped and taught us, but ultimately how they were not the life long companionship we may or may not crave?

Yes the end of a relationship isn’t often a happy occasion, but is a failure? Does having had more than one partner mean you have been consecutively unsuccessful? Or could you not have had many successes? I prefer that way of looking at it and I know many people who have had wonderful and inspiring relationships draw to an end, whereby the label ‘FAILED’ would be entirely inappropriate.

My romantic ideology is that some relationships are not destined to stand the test of time and nor should they. Sometimes they can be a snap shot of perfection; a holiday romance, a teenage fantasy fulfilled or maybe a decade long companionship that drifts into a life long friendship. Of course deep down as loves ends we know ourselves whether or not our hopes and expectations have been met, but there should be no PASS or FAIL stamp on the file, literally or metaphorically.

If to succeed at love is to remain in a relationship forever, no matter whether it is happy or fulfilling – simply to have endured the test of time, then it’s not for me…

Give me a few merry failures any day of the week!!!