Living In The Past

relationships and ex-boyfriendsIt is sometimes easier going backwards for some, rather than taking the more healthy approach and moving forward. Many of us tend to go round in a cycle of going back to an ex, leaving them and returning once more.


I myself have never been one to go back to an ex or a relationship that has been and gone, moving on has always been the better option.


However, for others it seems going back to that deadly ex and relationship seems the easiest thing to do, rather than moving on confidently on your own.


Many feel that they need a relationship to feel secure, wanted and confident, yet this is the biggest mistake of all! You should want, not need, a relationship because the other person is your equal, makes you even happier and more so because you are in love with that person. If being in a relationship with an ex is because no one else is around to have a relationship with or because you feel more confident with them, then you are on dangerous grounds!


Having witnessed many individuals go through the cycle of going back to an ex based on grounds that they feel more confident and do not want to be single, I feel it is essential to point out the dangers of this!


Danger 1

The relationship will never change, if you left it a certain way it is likely it will always remain that way no matter how many times you go back.


Danger 2

Each time you go back to an ex, especially if they mistreated you, they will have less and less respect for you and take you for granted, always expecting you to go back to them because you always do.


Danger 3

You may loose out on a better partner because you have not moved on.


Danger 4

Slowly, you loose your inner confidence and who you are as an individual. Although a relationship is about working together, never forget that you are still an individual who has your own needs.


Danger 5

Being in an unhealthy cycle can take its toll on your mood, it can easily make a person depressed and cut themselves off from their friends and family.


Danger 6

You will always be wondering ‘what if’…what if you left that old relationship behind, how would your life have been?


No relationship is ever going to be perfect but to be in a relationship you first have to respect yourself as well as the other person. A relationship should remain because you want it and are in love with someone, not because you need to feel wanted and secure.


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