Losing Control

Angry womanHaving control always seemed to be the way things were for me, I would always do well when it came to my education, any job I took on would be successfully completed and if I wanted to own that pair of killer high heels it would be so. Nothing seemed out of my reach that is until it came to boys.


That is when that key phrase popped into my mind, which my mum would always remind me when things never went my way, “you cannot always have what you want”. I used to believe that if you liked a guy then surely it was only fair he returned the same feelings, as if he did not then my world was over! Seriously I would believe the world and all I knew was ending!


Once I grew out of that dramatic stage I began to learn that sometimes things just do not happen the way you expected because, well, they just do not. Not everything will go accordingly to that plan you developed and not everyone will be what you want them to be. What cannot be controlled are human emotions and feelings, so if a guy does not return the same feelings as you, if a partner falls out of love with you or the guy who once fancied you now has a crush on a young female with bigger breasts, you cannot change that. No matter what quizzes you read for making a guy fall for you or what techniques of flirting you use to supposedly seduce a guy forever, none of these will effectively work.


It is a lot nicer when a guy likes you without having played games with him or you having reassured him that you are meant to be together. More importantly, when a guy likes you back it is more bliss. No love spells, dating dresses or seducing perfume is going to grab the attention of every guy you like, he may prefer your friend and if so it is vital not to become a bitter bunny boiler.


Not everything will go my way and the funny thing is I am kind of glad now. Life is a lot more interesting when things surprise you as not everything has to be planned.