Love At First Sight

love at first sightI am cynical about alot of things.  Well, almost everything actually.  I’m a capricious eye roller and will argue the opposite of even the most benign point of view whether I agree with it or not.


That is until it comes to the most eye rolly of eye rolling topics.  Mention falling in love at first sight to even the fluffiest of romantics and their eyes will invariably incline skywards.  But not mine. Mine will stay resolutely locked on yours, they will dilate with delight at my favorite topic! I will argue the case for love at first sight until I am blue in the face because it happened to me.


Sometimes I find it difficult to talk about how I met my fiance as it sounds so astronomically unlikely and cheese ridden.  But, it was for me at least, love at first sight and as cheesy as it may be that’s how it happened.


I was in the same old, same old chain pub in Greenwich that I was always in with the same people, drinking the same drinks. It was so very usual and ordinary.  But there was one person in that room that meant my life was set to change forever.  Sat at a table was a man and he knew a man who was waiting for another man. The “another man” turned out to be “my man”.


I was stood with my back to the bar when he walked in. Dressed in a suit straight from his teaching job he strode with just the right amount of confidence over to the table frequented by the man who knew a man. The first man in this scene knew me, the second knew the teacher man. And thus my fate was sealed.


Without taking my eyes off him I turned to my bar-buddy and asked in urgent tones: “WHO IS THAT?!” It wasn’t the usual, “oh he’s nice/he’s got good hair/oooo! Is that a guitar?” it was a determined NEED to know who he was.  I was at once frantic but also satisfyingly calm. I knew, KNEW, that my husband had just walked in. It wasn’t just attraction I felt as he jumped into his seat, placing a hand on the back of his friend whilst being introduced to the man I knew; it was the same comforting feeling you get when your best friend turns up after far too many minutes sitting awkwardly alone. It is a very cringe-worthy cliche, but at that moment I felt the relief of having found someone I had no idea I was looking for.


I am at times freakishly shy, but with him I was all broad smiles and full of excuses to chat to the linking man we shared at his table.  Eventually, the time was right for me to just plonk myself for the evening at his table and I proceeded to steal the chips from his dinner plate.  The fact I was able to do something so brash and cheeky  to a complete stranger still baffles me, but it was the greatest move of my life.  The smile he gave me once he noticed my thieving devastated me and the rest, as they say, is history.


Relationships born from love at first sight do not, however, come with some guarntee for 100% perfection. It doesn’t mean your love is more “complete” or “more right” than anyone else’s.  We argue, annoy and irritate each other as much as the next couple.  In fact he probably has me rolling my eyes more than anyone. In fact the one thing falling in love at first sight has brought to my relationship is a sense of luck and that what we have demands special attention and effort.  It is almost as though I owe it to the world, and fate if you believe in such a thing, to make such a mind blowing, life altering event work.



  1. Ruby says:

    Brought a smile to my face. What a lovely story!

  2. Victoria says:

    LOVE THIS! I am also extremely cynical, but i happen to believe that stories like this only happen to those who are cynical to start off with.