Love Is A Four Letter Word

Single and happyNot just literally, that is. So far as I’m concerned, also in the sense that it’s not one I either want or need to hear about. Sometimes it seems there are two kinds of people out there: those who spend their lives bouncing from one relationship to another and those who are happy without the added complication of an emotional involvement.


When you’re single it can feel like you’re the one who always gets the wedding invitation that doesn’t necessitate a plus one or sat next to some random single person/the au pair/an empty chair. Maybe that’s why certain well-meaning friends seem fixated on setting you up in order to fit neatly into a couple that slots into the seating plan or dinner party roster.


‘Oh, you HAVE to meet Dan/Jason/James’ is a line I’ve heard more times than be counted; they’re always good looking, intelligent, funny etc. So basically they’re perfect and yet somehow these supposedly wonderful potential dates are still on their own? If they’re so great you have to wonder just why this is and how none of these well intended matchmakers have managed to perfect their Blind Date-esq routine just yet.


Maybe it’s because being settled into a couple makes you less threatening to all the happy couples out there, as if the idea of a being around a single person will either cause relationship issues or arguments. Being part of a couple means there’s no temptation for the idea of getting involved with someone new, or to make anyone think that there’s the chance of meeting other people rather than your partner.


Personally i don’t actually know when I would find time for a relationship at the moment; when you’re juggling work, internships, university work and other things there doesn’t seem to be much of a window available. Trying to see friends is hard enough, yet alone think about getting involved with anyone else. So I’ll carry on being without a plus one, shrugging off well intended set up attempts as quietly as possible. If someone great turns up then maybe I’ll hand in my membership card of the eternally single club, but for now I am perfectly happy that it’s just me.