Love Squared

My question, in this most over-due article, is can some (be them man, woman, pet, plant or trifle) love more than one person at a time?

As ever I will raise all the issues and/or facts that fit the given situation (or the ones my brain can muster) and thus logically coming to a, somewhat, conclusion.  You don’t need to agree or follow what I say like obsessed cult fanatics with a personal shrine made from dog crap and hair you believe to be mine.  No.  I’m not asking for that.  Just accept my thoughts as mine.  I will however, ask that you lose that shrine; hygiene is the way to my heart!

So without further ado, love.  Do you love someone?  Family or friends or an aptly named ‘loved’ one?  Providing this didn’t make you realise you’re all alone in this vastly expanding universe, and that your life is little more than the equivalent of a 20 Watt light bulb in a strobe light factory and thus ran away from the computer, stripped naked and screamed down the street, if you didn’t do THAT, then that means there is, at least, someone.

Why can you love many family members and only one ‘special’ person?  Strip away sex and you are left with the same thing.  People love to hate family members, but you can see the same thing in a married couple of 20 + years. (A marriage of this magnitude will usually lost most of it’s sexual relations anyway).

People can peacefully throw around the word ‘love’ these days.  Care free, with out a second thought, to everyone and their milkman.  So the meaning is somewhat dulled, if all/most of your family and all/most of your friends have your love, why can’t you find two of the ones’?

We have a different circle of friends for our personalities different needs.  There’s the sporty, the nerdy, gossips, drinking buddies and, or course, not forgetting the groups – work colleagues (not real friends but worthy of Facebook) house mates, old school friends and just plain randoms/others.  What if partners could ‘Fulfil’ other roles in the same way?

Now as a self proclaimed romantic I have to admit I do NOT believe in ‘love at first sight’.  Because i am also a self proclaimed cynic.  I believe things need to be tried and tested!  Try before you buy, if you like!

This raises the (main) flaw in my ‘multi-love theory’.  To get to love you need to date/court/see (call it what you may) a person before you can be upgraded to love status.  And many suggest it is morally/socially unacceptable to date/court/see more than one person at a time.  I mean Facebook only allows one person to be ‘complicated’ with (off topic this is why I think Mormons should avoid Facebook and are segregated. If I was a proactive/caring person I would complain!).

Wrapping up – I think you can love more than one person at a time.  However, to get there you need to step on a few morally grey to black areas and lose some dignity along the way.

Everyone loves a pie, but don’t get caught short on the pie to finger ratio (that is a joke on the ‘too many pies not enough fingers’ – saying that, I think I just made it up)…


Leigh Kemp – Aug 10th 2010