Make Yourself At Home

snooping aroundOver the holidays I visited my boyfriend at his parent’s house. They all left for their various commitments, and I was alone in his childhood bedroom. Being very comfortable in any realm of his, I naturally made myself at home. After waking up at midday, I grabbed the paper, made a cup of tea, located one of his shirts to wear and got back in bed. As I peeked in his fridge scantily clad, it got me thinking about how there comes a point in a lot of relationships (be it ones that last one evening, or ones that go on for a lot longer) where you will find yourself alone in their home.

How comfortable you make yourself when they leave is entirely dependant on the situation. I’ve never been one to stick around too long the next morning, unless of course I’m already in a relationship with that person. If the other person seems like they genuinely want you to stay while they run a quick errand, then I don’t think there is any harm in doing so; unless you are fond of playing hard to get. If they are making hints that they are going to be busy for the next two days, then get I would get gone. Mooching around their house, eating their cereal unwanted isn’t an attractive impression, and aside from anything else, looks a little desperate!

Making yourself too at home isn’t the only bad etiquette of being alone in your beau’s house. A while ago when I was dating someone, he left for work and I was alone in his room. I decided to have an all out crazy rummage through his stuff to see if I could find anything interesting or incriminating. Ultimately, I was disappointed. Sex and The City in a couple of episodes covers this issue. There is that episode where Miranda finds herself alone in his apartment after he decides to go to the gym. She has a little rummage around and discovers a pornographic DVD revealing his fetish for spanking. When they meet up later on, she reveals that she knows all about it and makes a joke. He flees from the scene mortified, and she never sees him again! Similarly, Carrie meets a wonderfully sweet man, and again has a crazy rummage in his apartment, the man returns home to find her cigarette in mouth, desperately trying to open a box. He gently opens it for her to reveal some innocent past time. He then asks her to leave. Although I would never usually take advice from Sex and The City, there is a moral to these stories; if you invade someone’s privacy to that extent then they will be upset with you (and quite rightly so). Beginning a relationship by violating someone’s privacy isn’t setting a good example for the rest of it.

When you are in someone else’s house it is important to remember that you are in their home. Treat it with the same respect that you would like yours to be treated with!