Match Making Advice

datingI’ve always been one for helping out others as it brings me joy to see others happy, especially when its friends and family and you know that you’re the one that made them happy.


My story begins like this: A friend of mine, James, had been single for a few years and he wasn’t having much luck with the ladies. It was a regular occasion when he would ask, when I was going to set him up or why I didn’t have any female company for him, whenever we were all going out. I didn’t want to see him lonely and down, so I said I would see what I could do.


After several failed attempts, I finally managed to set him up with a girl I had known for years. At first the relationship seemed to be going great, they were getting on really well and saw each other on a regular basis, constant texting and flirting. All the lovey dovey stuff you get in the beginning. James was even brilliant with her daughter. Things couldn’t have been more perfect for him. I liked seeing him happy, it made me happy. If James was the happiest I’d ever seen him, it couldn’t be a bad thing. Could it?


After the first 3 months their relationship started changing, she didn’t seem interested anymore. Did she not want to get hurt, like she had in the past or was she bored? I didn’t know. She would ignore him for days and cancel on him at the last minute saying she had other arrangements she had forgot about. What was that about? Was she cheating? I couldn’t know for definite why things had gone sour so quickly. She became very insecure and was in a constant mood, she couldn’t stand him looking at other girls; she even tried to make him choose between me and her.


I soon began regretting getting them together, I finally realised I had made a huge mistake and that I would be the one in the middle. I would be the loser in this game. I tried to make James see sense that he didn’t deserve this. Why should he be putting more into the relationship than what she was? He was being foolish and I hated seeing him getting hurt, especially when it was my fault they were together. My advice only made things worse and James stopped speaking to me, he wouldn’t answer my calls or texts and whenever I went round to see him, he would ignore his door. What was I going to do? My match making had cost me my best friend. I tried to put things right, but all attempts so far had failed. I decided to leave James to sort his head out for a while as I was just making things worse.


Finally a few weeks later, there was a knock at my door. It was James, sopping his eyes out. He had found his girlfriend in bed with someone else and it had been going on for couple of months behind his back. What was I going to do? James blamed me for allowing his heart to get broken. All I could do was to be a supportive friend and help him through this.


It seems as though it can bite you in the bum. So, my wise words would be don’t set up your friends with people, especially with other friends as you will be the one whom is stuck in the middle. And when it all falls apart you will be the one who gets the blame for things going pear shape. Stay clear and lets your friends find love, on their own!


By Emma Routledge