Mature Couture

Necklace - Me and ZenaThe past year has been somewhat of a fashion dilemma for me. Last October I turned twenty and the realisation that I’m no longer a teenager panicked me somewhat. I know my mum would say I’m being ridiculous and I’ve still got years left of my youth. I can make regrettable fashion mistakes, wear risky outfits and get away with it because I’m young and that’s what we do. And yes, I probably will continue to do this.


However, I still can’t get away from the fact I’m not a teenager anymore. As much as I love them, my tatty converse, ripped jeans and Ramones t-shirt do feel less shabby chic and more plain old dosser. Sadly I feel I’ve got to accept a more mature style.  Its possible there is such a thing as “in-her-twenties-sheep” dressed as lamb and I’d like to avoid it.


I’ve always been attracted to a slightly more quirky unique style but I think this is part of what makes me risk looking like a 14 year old that’s just overdosed on the goth range in Claire’s Accessories. Yet I’m unwilling to give up totally on my style, so I’ve tried to adapt and found fun and individual fashion for the twenty-something.


Ring - Me and ZenaMy first favourite range is Me and Zena. After a brief stint of attempting to make my own jewellery at age 14 which involved gluing a Lego man to a safety pin and calling it a brooch, Me and Zena jewellery encapsulates what 14 year old me was actually trying to create. It’s childlike, fun and original, yet unlike the Lego-man brooch, it has a touch of class.


My personal favourite is the “Yes, No, Maybe” necklace (above), it’s bright and beautiful and its functioning spin arrow could help you make important adult executive decisions. Or just help you to decide what to have for lunch.

T-Shirt - WTF

Another gorgeous item is the “Love Bites” ring. Although not a fan of Twilight myself, I’d bet this is a must for all twenty-odd year old fans who feel a little bit wrong with Edward Cullen’s face printed on their chest, but still want to show a little vampire love.


Now when it comes to clothing, as a sort of adult, feeling the need to express my love for a certain band through the medium of a t-shirt isn’t as strong. But I do still like an original eye-catching t-shirt. Some of my favourites come from the new WTF range at ASOS. Their “No-one wins” noughts and crosses t-shirt is quirky, yet gorgeously simplistic.


Polly Tights

Another range I have totally fallen in love with are tights by Le Queues de Sardines. Their bold and beautiful designs brighten up any dull office-wear and pay a slight homage to that little stripy tight-wearing goth-chic buried in me. Though it’s hard to choose, my favourites have got to be Polly from their Autumn/Winter range. Even better, bold tights are set to be everywhere this autumn so get your legs jazzed up!

So there you have it, my attempt to mature my style whilst clinging onto youthful quirkiness. I’ll be back with another update in ten years when I’m panicking about turning thirty. Though if I’m worried now, I may have given up and resorted to constantly wearing a onesie by that time.