Meet Your New Partner Online?

Online datingOnline dating is a way of putting yourself out there, admitting to the world that you want a partner. This can be very daunting to those single people who, sick of those smug couples, announce that they are perfectly happy on their own. I know this was my biggest stumbling block – embarrassment at advertising this neediness verging on unhappiness.


However, it is acceptable to get dressed up, go out, drink 10 shots, and snog a stranger. I don’t see what the difference is, apart from the obvious. Anyway I had no luck finding a boyfriend from drunken nights out. Online dating, on the other hand, gives you space, time and sobriety in finding someone that is right for you.

Know yourself.

This will help you write the best profile to attract the best sort of people for you. It will help you know who to avoid, and who to definitely say yes to. It also saves a lot of time, which handily links to my next tip:


Don’t waste any time in meeting up.

I once spent two months chatting online to a very cute ice hockey player. I would look forward to it every night, and his photo was very cute. After a while I broached the subject of meeting up. I never heard from him again. All that time wasted. If you like the way someone messages and their profile does not set off any alarm bells, or even better, their profile makes you smile and a little bit happy, then do not hesitate in meeting up. Say yes to them, or ask them out first.


Of course you have to be safe. . The usual advice is, don’t plan to spend more than an hour with your date, and definitely do not drink alcohol. Choose a café in a busy area, one that you do not go to regularly. Make sure that your family and/or close friends know where you are going, and give them a time when you will be back, alone. All common sense stuff. Having said that, on the first date with my boyfriend, I went out with him to see a band, stayed out late, drank more than 1 glass of wine, let him drive me home and invited him in to watch a film. And I am okay! So you know, trust your instincts. And follow the above tips too if in any way you have alarm bells.


Online dating is daunting, yes, potentially embarrassing, yes, potentially really bad, of course, as is any new situation. However, it can be fun, provide you with some funny weirdo stories, and teach you more about yourself. And the best case scenario, you have some excellent dates and end up with a lovely boy/girlfriend. Yay!