Men and Those Manbags… What The ****!

Men and their manbags, what is that all about!?!

There was a time when women carried handbags and men carried themselves as men.  Now men carrying what we often refer to as record bags or football bags is one thing.  I can appreciate that guys don’t want to carry all their stuff in their pockets all of the time and so a bag can be rather convenient.  However, when I see a man carrying a bag that resembles one I or my grandmother might carry, I want to laugh and point followed by screaming, “be a man!”.

Don’t get me wrong, I would never be so rude to anyone but I cannot bear the sight of effeminate heterosexual men.  Whatever happened to the bad boys and the ruggedly handsome?  The bad boys seem to have become limping monkeys rather than Michael Corleones.  The ruggedly handsome have become some mish mash of Converse All Star trainers wearing wannabe rockers only with clean hair, clean shoes and clean shaven rather than Kurt Cobains!

These men clearly have their hair cut every four or five weeks, spend as long as the average woman in the mirror, tease every strand of hair into place and view their reflection in every shop window they pass.  Is this what women want?  Sure we want a clean, somewhat presentable partner but do we want someone that self-obsessed and vain?

Is there a change in today’s society that deems these effeminate heterosexual men as part of the norm?  Is this what evolution now brings?  As I watch these “men” strut their overly preened arse along the pavement I can’t help but wonder which female would go out with such a bloke?  Maybe they are the norm now.  I on the other hand once broke up with a boyfriend because he jumped over a puddle he could have walked around.  I wanted a man’s man and that girlish jump was a clear indication he was a manbag carrier in the making.  Next please!