Mr Not-So-Perfect

datingEver wish you could just curl up and hide when you hear the phrase “I know someone who’s perfect for you”? it’s even managed to replace the broken record track of “why haven’t you got a boyfriend” as the officially most irritating thing people can say to me which has to be some achievement.


Being set up with someone else doesn’t have to necessarily be a bad thing, as you could well be introduced to a person who you would never meet otherwise. However, the problems start when your friends and family seem to be setting you up with just about anyone, regardless of whether they think you might actually like the person. Refuse and the questions start: why not/what’s wrong with them etc. Trust me, I’d rather be on my own than someone’s ‘pity date’ but somehow when I tell people that they almost seem to get offended as if I’m criticising their choice. If this person’s so great, why don’t you date them! Apologies for the slight rant, but if you just go out with someone because others think you should what happens if you then meet another that you really like?


It can sometimes feel like potential match makers are simply shutting their eyes and pointing at a crowd when these suggestions are made, like when a mutual acquaintance suggested one of the men in our local pub as a date. I don’t have many rules as such for dating but there is one I stick by: no one older than my mother. It may not be as picky as saying no men who are too short/tall/smoke or several other reasons friends have also rejected potential dates but it’s always been a deal breaker for me. Aside from this person being somewhat creepy and making me cringe whenever we have spoken in the past, just what makes someone think I would suddenly find him attractive?


Unfortunately it seems that what I think of as ideal might be somewhat out of reach (since I’m fairly sure the chance of me and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine actually meeting are pretty remote) but that doesn’t mean the idea of settling for the first single man who arrives on the scene necessarily appeals. Who actually wants perfection anyway? Sounds kind of dull to me.