Mr Sweet Talker – Top 5 Signs

DatingThe dictionary defines ‘sweet talk’ as pleasing words that are used to persuade another person

It is always the sweet words that capture our hearts, keeps them in our thoughts and makes us want them even more. A sweet talker and his words can talk his way out of any situation and make you believe you can conquer the world, trust him in his actions and even trust him with your heart!


It makes trusting another guy after him more difficult, as you probably have heard the same words before. How can you tell when a guy is being genuine and means everything he tells you?


First thing is first ladies, always watch and remember his actions. I do not mean wait outside his house in bushes to follow him or hire a private detective! Simply watch how he treats you, does he back up the words he tells you with actions? Many guys promise to take their partners on a date or say they will call and if he does fulfil his words then this is a promising start. If time and time again he only talks and does not fulfil his actions, then he could indeed be a sweet talker!


You do not want him to sweet talk the pants right off you either, make him work for that first kiss, as if he means everything he says then he will be patient enough to wait to have all of you. According to 63% of men’s effort goes into, ‘scoring’ or ‘closing the deal’. So ladies here are some signs that he could be a potential sweet talker to help you further…


1)      They will never look as though they are looking to score. They will appear casual and will look deep into your eyes and hang onto every word you say, in order to appear interested.


2)      They will try not to appear desperate in a bid not to put us off!


3)      They will let you bring up topics of sex first by throwing in deviant sexual behaviour they apparently heard on the news. They will try to let you think their desire to score arose organically and was completely unexpected.


4)      They will try and make an effort to be polite and respectful to everyone in an attempt to impress you further.


5)      They will flatter you in a way that will boost your ego and use charm.


Lastly a woman’s instincts are usually correct and if you feel a guy is sweet talking you in order to get one thing then you are probably right! If he likes you that much he will make an effort in his actions also. Good luck ladies!