My Life’s a Movie -Take 1….. ACTION!!!

When I watch a film I feel I can do anything, for example I watch Rocky and I think I can be a boxer, I watch the A-Team and I think I can be the next BA (which is ludicrous because firstly I am white and secondly I like my hair like it is). Films give you a belief that you don’t get in real life, but they also lie to you.

Picture this, it’s pouring with rain, it’s late at night, and the girl you love is heading to the airport to leave the country for a new job. You decide to get in the car and go after her, when you get there she is just getting out of the car. You shout her, the rain is now pouring down on you both, you go up to her and tell her how much you love her, you stroke her face, and you kiss her lips softly, she tells you she loves you too, and she decides not to leave…. Sound good? Well that’s the movie scene; let me show you your own potential scene.

It’s pouring with rain, it’s late at night, and the girl you love is heading to the airport to leave the country for a new job. You decide to get in the car and go after her, as you start the car, you discover the battery is dead, so you have to take the bus.  You get to the bus stop and you don’t have enough money but luckily the bus driver lets you off. You get off at the airport, and it’s now just windy, you see the girl, you shout her, and you tell her you love her, she looks at you, says sorry but she doesn’t feel the same way, you tell her you would do anything, and she says her job is more important to her, she then goes off to catch her flight, and leaves you with a long journey home….. Now whilst it’s horrible, this is a far more likely scenario.

Whilst films inject us with life, and convince us we can have better things, they’re also deceiving us into believing that these fairytales can happen (OK sometimes they might). They allow us to give our own lives a theme tune, or a song that represents us (mine is You’ve Got The Love by Florence & The Machine) when that song comes on, our minds go in to overdrive. We’re crashing the wedding and taking the bride somewhere better, we’re fighting off 20 guys and getting the girl we love, or we’re in a crack SAS team fighting in Afghanistan… none of it actually realistic in the slightest, but we allow our minds to think it is.

Whilst I love what films make me feel, I can’t help but feel a little aggrieved that it never happens the way it does in the movies, I mean how great would it be if I walked up to a girl and said “the names Bond…. James Bond” and didn’t get laughed at. Or if I went and saved someone from a burning building. What if I could save my relationships the way they do in films. Films make life seem a lot easier, for example, how many films do you see where the characters have 6 kids, live on a rough council estate and claim every benefit going?

Films inject that bit of hope in our lives, but please, don’t ever base your relationship on the way a film runs, don’t try and stop someone getting married by crashing the ceremony, the likelihood is your going to find yourself walking home quite embarrassed, and feeling pretty dam crap (and with a black eye if you ruined her day). When that song comes on, allow yourself to be lost in your thoughts, but please, remember these are imaginations, and life doesn’t work like the movies….. Christ nobody needs to see some poor guy crash a wedding and get the embarrassment of his life when she tells him she doesn’t even like him.


Sean Bromley


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