Never Been Kissed

First kissEveryone has that moment in their life when they experience that rush of nervous energy and exhilaration from their first ever kiss. I’m sure that the age range is cavernous in these modern times from 13 to 60 and beyond I’m sure. Do you remember the adrenalin surging through your body when the guy or girl you fancied more than anything in the world finally puckered their lips up and brushed them against yours?


Personally, I think if you could bottle one feeling forever, it would be my first proper kiss. I was 14 and my first crush was a 16 year old boy who frequently came to stay with family in the next road from where I lived. Now that I think about it (and carry out a quick Facebook search) he wasn’t conventionally good looking, but incredibly tall and very shy. Weird, that’s not at all like me who was and still is, loud, outgoing, and ballsy. Well they say opposites attract.


After many futile attempts at flirting and trying to catch his attention as we hung around the video shop, yes that’s video shop, (it was 1995) he must have finally realised that all the hair tossing and giggling with my mates whilst batting my eye lashes was for his benefit, as he randomly text me (okay moving into the 21st century now) one Sunday afternoon and asked to meet me.


I must give him credit; he was insistent that I meet him immediately and thus gave me no time to text friends to discuss wardrobe choices. I was flustered and tried to keep calm but in a blind panic I flew around to the next road where he was striding up the path in a purposeful yet sexy way. Now what happened next is still a bit of a blue. I think he literally walked straight up to me, grabbed my hand and leaned down to kiss me full on the mouth. Came up for air slightly then went in for seconds with a bit of nervous tongue action. Simples!


I’m laughing whilst typing this because to anyone fortunate enough to witness this display of teenage lust must have laughed their behinds off. Moments later, he kissed my cheek and walked away with the same purposeful but sexy stride and the title of only man ever to render me speechless. I secretly hope he was at least mildly impressed with my snogging skills as he never uttered a word either, although in hindsight I suspect he walked away thinking ‘Well I don’t know what all the fuss is about, that was fairly boring’.


You might wonder why I would want to bottle such an awkward moment in my adolescence that wasn’t so much amazingly positive, but incredibly cringe-worthy?  I think it comes down to the pure innocence of it all. I’d never kissed anyone before and the sheer nerves and exhilaration of it all stayed with me for hours afterwards. The hours spent trying to convince my best friend that it really did happen seemed much longer, and to this day I’m not sure she believes me.


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