No More Pretty Please

Handsome Italian actor - Raoul BovaA good looking man is often forgiven a multitude of sins but rudeness and bad manners definitely aren’t included in this. Surely manners are universal, ageless, sexless… Well, recently it seems hot fellas out there are pushing their luck with rather cold courtesies.


Often you would meet a guy with the killer combination of looks and charm too but now it appears all that drooling and adoration has gone to their heads, clouding their ability to utter even a basic please or thank you.


Cockiness or plain laziness, it seems lately that unless these fellas find you attractive and a potential flirting opporunity then you deserve less than basic respect.


After a visit to my estate agent I definitely felt this burn of undesirability. The city centre agency consists mostly of extremely attractive men, so a trip into the office can be as intimidating as coming down the Take Me Out love lift. Arriving there through Manchester rain, soaking wet in a pair of flowery wellies is just simply embarrassing.


What I did not expect, though, was a string of head to toe dirty looks and being interrupted while they continued laughing about some private joke. Gone are the days of the cheeky chappy replaced now with barefaced cheek.


…And now I’m noticing it everywhere. Which man holds the door open for you? Does he mumble a sorry or mean it when you bump shoulders in the street? And these ‘charming’ men never check if anyone’s in front of them at the bar.


Prehaps the same can be said for women as it’s been a long standing ideal that good looking ladies can get away with murder with a flutter of our eye lashes. However, those flutters and flicks are always synchronised with finishing school worthy etiquette. We might be trying to get a drink paid for but manners cost nothing.


But we’re not talking about flirting here, it’s basic platonic interaction that is being effected by heightened male vanity, resulting in disrespect and unforgivable arrogance.


Approaching a beautiful but bored-looking salesman at the till is often painfully awkward (even more so when you can’t help looking at his biceps) and it can make you feel irrationally inferior, ruining a good day’s retail therapy. Give me the chatty, cute guy any day over the silent, smouldering boyband bore.


It’s time these boys were reminded of some manners, I’m sure their mothers would be ashamed if they saw how their sons were acting.


So if these angelic looking men are going to act like they don’t know any better, I reckon it’s alright to treat them that way.


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  1. Koally says:

    great article, very real.