No Plus One? No Problem!

Sex And The CityWhether it’s a wedding invitation, a meal out with friends or another social occasion there’s one question that can often involve awkward silences or uncomfortable pauses no matter how delicately asked. It’s not about how much money you earn or where you can afford to live, but the innocent sounding “and who will you be bringing along?”.


Sometimes it can feel as though everyone else is part of a couple, whether dating, engaged or married. A few weeks ago I noticed that, out of more than a dozen work colleagues, I was the only one among us who wasn’t dating. It’s not an issue for me, because with a full time job as well as a degree to work on, I’m not sure when I would actually find enough time to have an actual date. It seems, however, that other people are the ones who either don’t understand why this isn’t a problem, or want to fix me up so that I fit neatly into their social diaries as part of a matching pair.


Wedding Invitation

Okay so there are times when it would be nice to have someone to go out with, but what about friends? Having been through more than a few awkward or complicated break ups, they have always been there no matter what. After years of loyally watching Sex and the City episodes I think that friends can last longer than many relationships, at least in my experience. Not only that, but if you have ever been one of those people who lost touch with friends at the expense of a boy/girlfriend it can make you realise who will be there for you long term. The important thing to remember is that relationships aren’t only about being involved with other people romantically. Friends can be just as valuable, if not more so, and learning how to build and sustain a lasting friendship can only help give you the ability to develop a successful personal relationship with the right person when you meet them. In the meantime, though, it has to be all about the friends.


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