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Craig David’s New Year’s Resolution Already Paying Off

Well look at who has recently been caught on the shores of Miami with his personal trainer – none other than Mr Craig David! In a barrage of tweets about his new ultra buff body, Craig adds that 2012 is ‘all about feeling fresh, healthy and alive in life!’ What is more, it is also [...]

Sex Toys On A First Date?

When considering sex toys for couples it is more often thought that they are a good way to “spice things up” after couples have been together for a while. Perhaps a need arises to experiment in order to revive their sexual appetite and experience new ways of love making. You may be surprised to know that [...]

No More Pretty Please

A good looking man is often forgiven a multitude of sins but rudeness and bad manners definitely aren’t included in this. Surely manners are universal, ageless, sexless… Well, recently it seems hot fellas out there are pushing their luck with rather cold courtesies.   Often you would meet a guy with the killer combination of [...]

Beyonce Gives Birth!

The most anticipated celebaby of the year has finally arrived, in the form of a beautiful baby girl named Blue Ivy Carter.   Megastar Beyoncé Knowles, 30, and music marvel Jay- Z, 42, whose real name is Shawn Carter, welcomed the tiny tot into the private wing of Lenox Hill Hospital, New York, in the [...]

Sienna Miller Joins The Celeb Baby Boom

2011 was the year of the shock celebrity pregnancies and it’s already continuing into 2012.   Sienna Miller and boyfriend Tom Sturridge are reportedly expecting their first child.   The 30-year-old actress, who has been dating fellow actor Tom for just over a year, is believed to have broken the news to friends and family [...]

A Tough Nut To Crack

It is as though I walk around with armour, a bullet proof vest or a brick wall, maybe even all three combined.   When it comes to opening up in a relationship, my thoughts and words get tangled and my heart races hard. It seems to be the most difficult obstacle to overcome. You hope [...]

Lady Gaga To Become A Film Star

Lady Gaga has decided that she wants to crack Bollywood, Hollywood after all has been pretty much mastered by the singer.   After visiting India for her first gig in the continent in 2011 the eccentric understandably fell in love with ‘the dance and the clothing’.  She now wants to star in a major Indian [...]

Ghosts of Christmas’ past

Considering myself a bit of Scrooge when it comes to Christmas anyway I seem to have taken the role to a whole new level this year. Just as the man himself was visited by 3 ghosts of Christmas past present and future so was I, well more precisely men.   Stuck in a single rut [...]

Katherine and Gethin Tweet Break-Up

In their final act as couple Katherine Jenkins and Gethin Jones tweeted simultaneously that their four year relationship is over.   The Welsh couple, who have been dating since 2007, said: ‘We are both beyond broken hearted’, after calling off their engagement.   The classical singer, 31, and TV presenter, 33, started dating in late [...]

The Internet Dating Experiment

It is safe to say that my single life has been constantly punctuated by instances of frustration and confusion. Like many girls I know gathering dust on the shelf, I’m quite inclined to think that I’m actually quite a catch. None of this ‘why, God, WHY??’ thanks very much. I know so many intelligent, ambitious, [...]

I Feel Pretty, So Unpretty

Nicole Scherzinger is one of the most desirable women in the world, but her new track ‘Pretty’ homes in on an issue which is close to every girls heart; wishing that a man will find you attractive, and feeling nothing less than ugly when it turns out that’s all he ever saw you as. Being [...]

How You Doin’?

When Friends star Matt LeBlanc recently visited London he was left out in the cold by a hot model after trying out his character’s famous chat up line.   Trainee teacher Jo Spyrou caught the eye of the 44 year old American in the Amika nightclub in Kensington, West London, earlier in the month. The 22 [...]

Let’s Talk Aztec!

My favourite trend of the season (in fact the whole year!) is by far Aztec.   The print and style originating from Mexico has inspired designers and collections all over the world this summer and the trend hasn’t stopped there, it’s continued on to be a very important and popular trend of autumn/winter 2011 and [...]

Golden Balls To Silver Screen

David Beckham could soon be making a substitution off the football pitch and onto the cinema screens.   One of Becks’ closest friends Tom Cruise revealved at Tuesday night’s UK premiere of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol that he is keen to get the LA Galaxy star the perfect role to kick start his acting career. [...]

Giuliana Rancic Has Successful Operation!

The lovely Giuliana Rancic has had a successful double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery in order to remove the breast cancer and the doctors have reportedly said that they are very pleased with the results.   According to husband Bill Rancic, his wife is in great spirits.  ”G is doing really well,” Bill told E! News. Giuliana herself stated, ”I want to thank [...]

Stolen Glances: The Tentative Business of ‘Hi’

Social etiquette is a total romance killer. Every day, millions of people pass millions more in the street. In true ‘Sliding Doors‘ style, just think of all of those ‘what if’ moments that lived for but a few seconds between each pairing of locked eyes. You know when it happens. One minute you’ll be trying [...]

Jennifer Aniston Beats Angelina Jolie

A poll by Men’s Health voted Jennifer Aniston as the Hottest Woman of All Time.   It would seem her good looks, humble manner and down to earth attitude have seen her rise to the top of the hot crop. The poll included sexy celebrities from the past as well as the present.   Angelina [...]

Is Age Really Just A Number?

This week the press are all over Caroline Flack and her One Direction toyboy Harry Styles; she is 32 and he is 17, but does this strikingly obvious age gap equal immediate problems, and should we all be reverting back to primary school maths to calculate a possible love mismatch?   When I first heard about Caroline and [...]

Ticking the Boxes

After hearing about a survey which recommended that the ideal age to become a first time mother was around 28, I started thinking about how people can say there is an “average” time in your life to do anything. If I had followed this ideal I would have been married before 25, and going on [...]

Is The Secret To Great Sex, Great Friendship?

So recently a girlfriend and I were having a discussion about what happens when people cross the relationship boundary with someone who’s always been “just a friend”. It seems there are mixed reviews and ideas about this dating strategy so I enlisted the help of some of my best and closest gal pals to enlighten [...]