Perfection Lost

Woman in bedWhen it came to the opposite sex I always thought that I had to appear perfect, make-up done immaculately, hair brushed without a strand out of place and teeth always gleaming. Little did I realise it was when I thought I was not perfect that I would actually be at my most, well, perfect.


Men do not expect us to be walking billboard models, have ten layers of make-up on and hair that has been sprayed so much that it cannot allow them to run their hands through it!


When getting close to a partner it is inevitable they are going to see you in your pyjamas with bed hair, you may even accidentally drool in your sleep. Sorry ladies but this is a fact. Eventually the real you will always come out, no matter how hard you try and maintain ‘perfection’. You may dribble some curry down your chin accidentally, trip and fall in front of them, say something really silly, snort by accident when laughing or burp aloud.


The most perfect thing that there is to your partner is actually you being yourself, and not hiding behind a mask of perfection. It is the flaws that end up being the most beautiful to a person. Whether it be that awkward curl that does not fit in your pony tail, that freckle that is on your nose, which you try and conceal with foundation, your laugh that gets louder at something funny or the way you incorrectly pronounce certain words.


Men themselves will slowly let themselves relax in front of you, whether it be farting, burping or getting stuck into their food causing them to spill it on their shirts.


The idea of perfection itself is more than having clear skin, white teeth, shiny hair and always being dressed beautifully. Perfection is in fact in the eye of the beholder, thus you being dressed in pink pyjamas with your hair tied back could be more beautiful to your partner than when you are in that dress you can hardly walk, talk and breathe in!


For me natural beauty has always come on top of too much make-up and hair. Showing the real you to a partner is more personal and draws more of a connection. You are baring yourself to that person, without needing to hide behind a mask.


So next time you are tempted to wake up ten minutes before your partner does, in order to run to the bathroom to brush your hair and put on a little bit of make-up, stop. Lay back and relax, be yourself and more importantly show the real you.