Personal Space

Couple holding handsIn a relationship you can sometimes get comfortable to the point where you put in less effort with each other as well as yourself.


Being around each other too much can mean that you take each other for granted and can often try less hard with one another. This could result in a lack of going out on dates together, and loosing that spark.


I have always believed that some personal space and time apart in a relationship can actually be a good thing, I mean, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Spending time with your friends, having girlie nights out and times where you see your family means that you will miss your partner more and will make more of an effort when you see them next.


Aiming to see your friends every week for a catch up and seeing your family and partner will maintain a healthy balance. If you are glued to the hip with your partner then you could get too comfortable and easily bored. Every relationship needs some time apart and spending an evening at a nice restaurant or bar, even something as simple as seeing a film at the cinemas, will get you out of that comfort zone, reigniting that spark once again.


You should both maintain having your own separate lives and group of friends, as if the worse case scenario happens and the relationship ends, you need to have your friends and lifestyle to fall back on. Living in the back pocket of your partner is not always a good thing, and having a level of independence should always be present, no matter how long you have been together.


Space can actually strengthen a relationship and yourself in the process, and when you do see your partner you will be more inclined to do more activities together rather than sitting down on the sofa watching an evening of television!