Pretty People Destined To Be Alone?

Pretty girl walking aloneWatching a documentary the other day about body image and how people, in particular women, are pressured to be beautiful, got me thinking… are pretty people destined to be alone?


I know that sounds quite bizarre as at first glance you would think, generally speaking, good looking people would be of the first to be snapped up in a relationship, typically with someone equally attractive, but when you really think about it I don’t think that’s always the case.


If we look at sterotypical films for example, there’s always an average looking guy that falls for the pretty girl, but does he ever admit his feelings? In the fairytale romance of the film maybe, but in reality? Rarely.


This, I think, in most cases is because they are usually too afraid to confront their feelings or ask the person out through fear of rejection and not being good enough. I believe such “average” people think both consciously and unconsciously that they have to be brilliantly funny, attractive or otherwise say or do something spectacular in order to grab the girls (or guys!) attention, thus they seem to stear clear in order to avoid failure.


Another theory stems from, again, the sterotypical pretty girl who appears pretentious, arrogant and extremely vain. Because of this stereotype many people often judge attractive girls, and indeed guys, as being stuck up and snobby.


Of course all my fellow blondes out there will know the stereotype for our hair colour, “blonde bimbo” deemed “stupid”, lacking “depth” and vocabulary (just for the record this certainly isn’t the case!) And so again, pretty blondes can be met with avoidance in the dating game.


And then of course even dating someone with good looks can bring on an onset of doubt, incesurity and paranoia: Why are they with me? They are or must be cheating! They will cheat. They will find someone better looking… and so on. This can’t be a pleasant feeling and people often feel that this must be avoided at all costs, even though that person may in fact be the one.


If all of the above assumptions are wrong, the only belief left would be that the girl or boy in question is already taken, married, engaged… gay even! And so again, all thoughts of approaching such gorgeous specimens would be abandoned.


So, what happens to all the beautiful population who are in fact good people with welcoming personalities and all the positive aspects one looks for? Do they just get swept aside? Are they really destined to be alone?


I really don’t know, I’m still trying to work it out! But what I do know is that society, our generation and even generations before, are blinkered by stereotypes and influenced by the thoughts and actions of others. It’s a shame we seem afraid to make our own assumptions before believing in others, beauty isn’t always just skin deep and we should never judge a book by it’s cover.