Relationship Game Playing

relationship gamesWhen it comes to dating ‘playing games’ is a phrase that women will often roll their eyes at.  Women all over the world are heard moaning to their friends, “Why can’t men just grow up?  Does he honestly think I care to play games?”


Wait a minute, when did playing games become such a bad thing?  It’s the game playing that keeps you and him on your toes, it’s what gives you those exciting butterflies in your stomach, it’s what keeps you daydreaming about him with that starry-eyed smile on your face.


Granted, game playing is something that should not be used carelessly and should not be used forever but at the beginning of a relationship it’s the thing that keeps you nervously excited.  ‘Is he going to call… why hasn’t he called yet…  how into me is he… will we meet up tonight…  ooooh is that his text message that just bleeped through… will I bump into him in his local bar?’


One of two things should happen when you’re in a relationship with a game player.  Once you’re both feeling settled within the relationship the games will naturally fade away and they’ll be replaced with comfort on all levels.  Alternatively, the relationship will fizzle out and you’ll be left with memories of the exciting moments you had while it lasted or you’ll be thinking ‘good riddance!’


What you have to remember is that each time someone plays games with you it strengthens your character.  You can use each game as a test of your own resilience and like anything else you will build your tolerance levels naturally.  These are the things that make you into the person you want to become.  Each trial and tribulation you go though in your dating life builds your inner strength and confidence as well as your ideology of what you want from your future husband or life partner.  Thanks to the game players, when the right person comes along, you’ll know they are the right person for you, if not immediately, eventually.  Thanks to the game playing, you’ll no longer be the weakling you may perceive yourself to be, the games will have toughened you up and you’ll be ready for a real relationship.